Sportsbook Payouts

Speed of the payout is one of the top concerns that new players have when looking for a good betting site to use. Depositing is usually instantaneous, but how quickly can that same betting site get your money back to you after you want to withdraw your winnings?

A lot goes into sending a payout. Each site operates a little differently, but in general this information applies to most betting sites:

What Determines the Speed of a Payout

Two things can have the largest impact on payout speeds.

First, you have to consider what method is being used to send the cash your way. International bank wire transfers and paper checks may be some of the most widely offered payout methods, but these are both very time-consuming. It’s difficult to get either of these types of payouts in less than one week, but more commonly you will get them after as many as three weeks!

Choosing an online wallet like Paypal or Skrill is more efficient, or you can switch to using Bitcoins for another instant withdrawal option.

The second thing that usually delays payouts is the staff of the betting site. If a site is understaffed or not staffed properly, they will not pay as much attention to giving speedy payouts as they should. This can really hurt the speed of your payout, as it might not be processed until a week or later after you put in the request.

Best payout bookmakers regarding theirs promptness are among others bet365, GentingBet, Coral or Paddy Power.

Reliabiliry of Betting Sites for Payouts

Betting sites are not all equal in how well they do their payouts. Luckily, there is usually a lot of information about this sort of thing online in user reviews of betting sites. People will have a lot to say about payouts, especially when it comes to the speed of a payout! If you pay attention to user reviews, you should probably be able to avoid bad payout sites.